About Jason's Creations Inc

Our Mission

Jason’s Creations Inc is a full-service digital marketing agency, situated along the I-35 corridor and based on making marketing affordable. Our team of content writers, editors and designers is well-versed in industries of all shapes and sizes.

Our History

Jason’s Creations Inc started a freelance writer’s business in 2011, under the name, Jason’s Creations Content Services. Jason Jimenez-Vanover had a deep passion for writing and simplifying complex problems.

Our Values

Diversity to Overcome Adversity

Accountability in All Things

Complete Client Collaboration

Engaging Content ABOVE ALL ELSE!

Our Founder

Jason Jimenez Vanover Founder of Jasons Creations Inc

Jason Jimenez-Vanover has spent nearly a decade working as a copywriter and market researcher. 

His marketing expertise and willingness to learn has earned him top SEMrush-certifications and mentions by some of the biggest names in logistics. 

Since 2014, Jason’s work has amassed more than 10 million paid words, 25,000+ individual works, and an endless passion for marketing.