Our Proven Content Production Process

Proactive content production means looking at SEO regardless of the plan for generating content. After all, any landing page or blog content will inherently have value as a means of driving organic traffic. 

To facilitate growth of content ranking potential, Jason’s Creations Inc follows a four-step process in content production and helps you understand your true opprotunities. 

1. Initial Site Audit

The initial site audit helps us to uncover:

  • Missing Meta Tags. 
  • Weak or Underutilized Keywords. 
  • Content Ideas. 
  • Core Areas of Focus.
  • Competitive Keyword Strategies.

2. Onboarding

Jason’s Creations Inc follows an iron-clad onboarding process that consists of:

  • A Thorough Intake Questionnaire.
  • POC Interviews.
  • SME Interviews.
Content Services Onboarding

3. SEO Topic Ideation & Selection

Our team sets to work to generate high-ranking potential topics, based on the sum of the:

  • Initial Site Audit.
  • Onboarding Materials.
  • Competitive Research.
  • Newsworthy and Creative-Based Pitches.

4. Content Production

After ranking all potential topics for relevance, authority, and value, we move the highest rated topics into Content Production

You’ll have immediate visibility into every stage of content production, from research through review and beyond.

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