When most individuals begin their careers within the supply chain industry, very few are probably mutually studying integrated marketing services. After all, what do trucking and marketing have to do with each other? And a digital, integrated marketing agency help today’s logistics companies thrive throughout the disruption. Plus, integrated marketing agencies can combine creativity with fact-based SEO practices to help your brand stand out in front of your competition, but how does this happen?

Freight management parties must take the time to understand the role and purpose of integrated marketing agency campaigns. It builds brand experience. And it can ensure that business owners are creating up-to-par digital marketing initiatives.

“But why bother with digital marketing in a shaking economy?”

This question is valid. The logistics and freight industry faces the real risk of a total collapse. Earlier this year, some argued that a market contraction was on the horizon.

Now, there appear to be some indicators of continued decline. Major carriers have announced earnings reports that were less than expected. Meanwhile, DAT has now shown spot load posts had fallen 34% year-over-year in July 2022.

As a result, more trucking companies are looking for a solution. Fortunately, working with an integrated marketing service built around helping small businesses succeed can help. But how does it work? Let’s take a deeper look at what an integrated marketing agency is and a few other tips for surviving throughout any logistics industry decline.

What Is an Integrated Marketing Agency?

An integrated marketing agency is a unique way of approaching marketing that combines traditional marketing with a digital, innovative strategy. Digital marketing through an internet marketing agency can strategize and produce all online media under one roof. Digital marketing content includes branding, advertising, graphic design, communications, and public relations.

These crucial elements combine to offer a united, consistent brand experience. Utilizing keywords and search engine optimization (SEO) techniques puts an organic marketer’s clients at the top of search engine results. This combines the service elements of SEO, content writing, visual design, PPC advertising, copywriting, marketing automation, and social media management into one cohesive strategy.

Contrarily, a traditional marketing agency focuses on printed content and other visual advertising. This includes social media ads and billboards. The main strategy for traditional marketing is that putting the money in the right place will reap the right results.

Traditional marketing has been enough for many years to bring in more customers. However, today’s climate benefits from integrated marketing campaigns that give clients everything they need under one roof. They combine the best of traditional marketing with digital marketing strategies. Trucking companies get more lead generation to find more loads, partnerships, and opportunities.

How Does an Integrated Marketing Agency Help Reduce Risk?

Integrated marketing is all about combing multiple channels to reach your target audience. But first, top-notch marketers will want to look at the past. A digital marketing service will review a company’s existing online footprint. Thus, the marketing team can gain insight into missed opportunities across directory listings.

Time to Get Started

This is your starting point. It must include an assessment of competitors’ strengths and weaknesses across marketing channels. Thus, your customers clearly and concisely understand their business health.

Once this comprehensive marketing analysis is complete, the real work can begin. Integrated marketing first focuses on reaching customers through online marketing means. This includes developing drip campaigns and much more.

For instance, it may include email marketing and weaving SEO into your digital marketing footprint.

By focusing on SEO across websites and social media, you’ll create a better brand experience. Content marketers essentially use search engine insight to paint your company in the best light to potential customers.

While digital marketing strategies cover a wide range of clients, print marketing is not without its value. The same graphic design companies and print shops pushing the importance of their tangible products are typically utilizing digital marketing to get your attention! While putting a billboard up and printing flyers may seem like something that “must be done” for success, these decisions should be thoughtfully made.

Is the billboard location ideal? Do the flyers present data that is meaningful to the intended audience? Are the website and directory listings presenting consistent messages about the company’s product or service?

“But, What About Freelancers?”

Amidst the challenge of the pandemic’s waves, many logistics companies chose to outsource separate tasks to separate individuals. But time has revealed that hiring individual freelancers to write blogs, observe social media channels, and explore affiliate marketing results in a disjointed brand experience for customers.

Hiring an agency specializing in an integrated strategy can ensure your brand can meet customers where they are and fully promote your business with a consistent voice. Integrated marketing strategies offer resilience and value to their logistics company clients by stepping further than traditional marketing has gone before to connect across any medium.

Additional Tips for Reducing Risk in the Trucking Industry

A digital marketing service builds on the brand experience and comes from the desire to stream a cohesive brand through all physical and digital channels. As customers begin to organically come upon your business, management teams get to do less cold-calling and more of what they are made to do.

With this in mind, you can do a few things to improve your business resiliency, even if you’re already working with a marketing agency. Try to identify any areas that are not put to good use, and focus on those. These include:

Get Help from a Trusted Integrated Marketing Agency: Jason’s Creations Inc

A “day in the life” of trucking business owners will reveal a lot of time securing more loads and increasing transportation efficiency. Despite the national truck driver shortage, it still takes immense calculations for a logistics company to find and attain the right loads to improve its cash flow. And that begins with establishing a proper, integrated marketing agency partnership.

Choose Jason’s Creations Inc to help your team develop a data-driven marketing strategy with quality and meaningful content in your integrated marketing communications. Jason and his team of content marketers have spent years writing for top companies in the logistics business, from trucking companies to brokers and more. Don’t waste time teaching your social media marketer about your industry before getting to a winning strategy. Speak to a logistics and supply chain marketing expert by connecting with Jason’s Creations Inc today!

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