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How often do you think about refrigerated freight, and did you know that a reefer freight broker might be useful to companies transporting perishables? Well, the answer might surprise you. Consider this. American highways are filled with semi-trucks and trailers filled with various contents, and when temperatures pose a risk, refrigerated solutions are the way to go. Refrigerated freight, or reefer freight, is subject to higher capacity strains and issues. And more companies are turning to reefer freight brokers to get their freight to the destination without issue. Decorated trailer sides tease consumers with images of delectable produce, cold drinks, and delicious frozen desserts. While consumers subconsciously plan their next treat, shippers and carriers consider, “I wonder how much of that is going to be tossed?” Worse still, some of those goods may result in waste due to not finding ample freight capacity or spoilage while waiting for transportation. As a result, it’s essential to understand those costs and how working with refrigerated freight brokers can reduce such risks. 

The True Cost of Failed Refrigerated Freight Loads

A refrigerated freight broker is responsible for transporting temperature-sensitive goods. Food Logistics reported that the estimated cost of “temperature-controlled carrier segment total losses [is] between $3-4 billion per year, not including many associated costs resulting from the disposal of the spoiled cargo, insurance costs, fines, and more.” In the face of inflation, this amount of food waste is appalling. So how can shipping companies ensure their refrigerated freight makes it to its destination on time and in full? Whether the commodities are edible or heat sensitive, the right broker can simplify any reefer transportation. A broker’s custom solution to refrigerated freight minimizes those risks by ensuring food shippers have their needs met through these core functions.

1. A Plethora of Competitively Priced Reefer Freight Broker Network Carriers

A freight broker’s value depends on the profitable relationships it has across the industry.

By personally vetting the carriers they contract with, brokers can ensure that their shipping counterparts get the refrigerated freight capacity they need at the right price. Consistent observations of the market and suitable carriers entail that brokers can scale their network to the needs of their shippers. This is especially important for shippers with products undergoing significant peak seasons, such as holiday products or fresh produce.

2. Reefer Freight Brokers Provide Consistency.

The day-to-day responsibilities of shippers are innumerable. By leveraging data content, brokers can take the burden of tracking carrier accountability off of a shipper’s plate. This is especially pertinent since the contents within reefer trailers have required temperatures to stabilize the products. Brokers are responsible to their shippers. Thus, top-quality logistics providers will prioritize technology that makes data-driven management easy.

3. Reefer Freight Brokers and Streamlined Damage Claims 

Reefer trailers carry perishable items day in and day out. A simple blown fuse can quickly change the temperature of a refrigerated unit, damaging heat-sensitive items within a matter of minutes. A top-of-the-line freight broker will file and process damage claims with carriers to streamline the experience for the shipper. By removing the shipper from the delicate position of being the bearer of bad news to carrier management, they gain more time for critical tasks.

4. Refrigerated Freight With a Simplified and Certified Freight Payment Process

Many things eventually get outsourced in the fast-paced supply chain industry. While hiring an accountant may simplify certain tasks, brokers can streamline and audit the entire process. This keeps all payment services in the same hands as the point of contact, making it harder for shippers to miss accidental or intentionally missed payments, overcharges, and outstanding invoices. With maximized profits and cash flow, refrigerated freight shippers can focus on the next load instead of the next transaction.

5. Prioritized Communication Lines for Maximum Collaboration

Today’s premier brokers leverage modern technology to minimize communication errors across the supply chain. Automated alerts and AI-enabled tools provide shippers with digitized BOL and shareable data for each step of the route. A digitized approach enables intermodal transportation to occur seamlessly from port to door, giving customers the visibility they crave in the modern world. This broker-based communication model frees shippers to make decisions quickly in the face of disruption knowing that their team has the tools to collaborate effectively.

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