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Social media management can be daunting and overwhelming. Yes, you can post anything you want, but that doesn’t always mean your first thought should go on out on social media. Your posts should be well-rounded, -thought-out, and built to attract the right type of attention for your organization.

What Is Social Media Management?

Social media management includes the full process of creating social media posts for an organization’s social platforms. It includes:

  • Researching potential topics.
  • Writing the copy, the actual text, of a social media post.
  • Creating a simple image with your logo overlay.
  • Publishing and scheduling content to your platforms.

Does Jason’s Creations Inc Write All the Content For Social Media Management?

The factors affecting writing depend on the exact package and type of content requested. We can write it all, or we can simply handle the publishing. You get to decide and discuss the exact details. For instance, if you have the content, images and everything else in place, we may only charge $10 per unique post to publish on your behalf. Meanwhile, if we write everything, create an image, and have to conduct additional research, the cost is closer to $50.

How Much Time Will I Need to Commit to Social Media Management With Jason’s Creations Inc?

4 Hours over the first month; 2 hours per month thereafter. We’ll get an intake, schedule an interview, and choose the post themes. We’ll also teach you how to access and use our platform for viewing and tracking content production. This time includes approximately two hours to review eight (8) posts per month.

What If I Don’t Like a Social Media Post?

We revise it. Social media management packages take some time to get going, but if a post is too far from the intent, we will revise it accordingly. That’s why we work closely with you to get the themes and points in place prior to ever writing the actual post content. And minor changes to a post are simple, unbilled revisions. However, a full rewrite may incur additional charges.


Simple Social Media Management – $35.00 Each

Simple social media post based on a theme of your choosing. This is our simplest option and is typically a post of less than 240 characters in total.

Tier 2 Social Media Posts – $55.00

Provide influencers or third-party articles you’d like to link and share on social media with two lines of “your thoughts.” We’ll get it published.

Tier 3 Social Media Posts – $75.00

Request extensive social media posts that exceed 100 words each and tie in your direct services. These are more akin to 200 words or more and are designed for platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook.

Tier 4 Social Media Posts – With a Co-Occurring Blog Order

Every blog should have a corresponding social media post. If Jason’s Creations Inc creates the blog, the corresponding charge is , but if we are to create a social post based on a blog that you’ve already published, the charge will be equal to a Tier 2 or Tier 4 post, depending on your length requirements.

Hear what our clients say about us!

“Jason’s Creations Inc has been a massive help to our ability to get social media posts out and scheduled easily. You owe it to yourself to work with Jason and the team!”

Curtis Lindesay, Founder of The Cibolo Enrichment Foundation

“Jason, Unity, and the team at Jason’s Creations Inc understand that a non-profit’s vision, dream and values must be close to heart. That’s why his work is now our sole powerhouse behind all our content management needs.”


Jason Jimenez Vanover Founder of Jasons Creations Inc

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